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I am originally from Ghana, moved to the US in 2010. I pursued my US citizenship and obtained this in 2017. My personal fitness and nutrition journey began with a very intense inspiration from my older brother Kwame, who competed in Physique bodybuilding. I completed my bachelor’s in electrical engineering from University of Minnesota December 2015 and met some local members of a gym in Washington State who really helped me compete in my first show. 

Winning my Pro card in the WNBF federation in Physique that year was an amazing feat. After a move to St Louis, Missouri, I continued to focus in nutrition and physique sculpting in order to compete in the highly prestigious Natural Federation the NANBF and obtained my IPE Pro-card in Classic Physique and Bodybuilding in the same show in 2018. I continued to compete that fall in my first IPE Worlds Pro show in men's bodybuilding taking an impressive 4th place in my first Pro-Showing over several impressive competitors.  


At present and since the last show, I undertook volunteering for several organizations, including Big Brother of STL. I am always training and improving my physique; and learning more about how to coach and prepare nutrition plans for personal clients and that has really improved their lives and met their goals. 


Mind Body Optimize Fitness grew from my observations and feedback into my vision for helping and addressing the needs for all clients, leading from my core values. Doing this led me to become the new face and promoter for the NANBF organization. 


My passion for Natural Bodybuilding grows each day as I work hard to encourage and motivate young individual athletes and clients to pursue natural bodybuilding by all means possible. 

Jesus Christ has been a great help to my achievement and pray that he continues to guide my ways as I pursue this new journey. I'm proud to be a new promoter for NANBF!

Learn More:

-Kwaku Sefah Sr.

(763) 843-9277

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