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This scholarship was made possible because of Jayden's discipline and dedication to getting a better education for herself while caring for two babies. Jayden is a 21 year old mom of 2 children and goes to South Western Illinois College pursing Psychology as a major. As I sat down in the living room and watched Jayden study while her two babies were crying and giving her hard time, I noticed she stayed focused on her goal; to make it through her studies. The Jayden Enidaso Foundation grew from her constant hard work! Enidaso meaning hope for all. 

JEF’s mission is to discover and help low income single parents to achieve their dream and support their children while in school. 

JEF’s vision is to see all low income single parents achieve their educational dream and provide resources to aid them in their goals.

Our core values are based on Integrity, honesty, trust, truthfulness, going the extra mile, Inclusiveness, diversity, and respect.


 Again, thank you for giving me the opportunity to come up with this organization in order to better help all single mothers discover their educational and life goals. 



Low Income single parent or guardian pursuing a higher education

Income: <$35k

GPA: >2.5

Major: Any but higher preference in STEM fields

Age range for kids: 0-17

Credits per semester(min): 9

School: Trade, University, College

Scholarship Distribution:

Annual scholarship will be provided in two installment (payment) of $250 each. First award payment will be provided upon verification of enrollment at the start of Spring semester and scholarship check will be sent to you directly. The final installment will be given out in September for the Fall semester. The most common form of verification is a copy of your class schedule; online versions are acceptable, GPA, major. Be sure that verification states 1) Your name, 2) the school’s name, and 3) the number of units in which you are enrolled, 4) Income tax returns to show if you have dependent and continuing financial need.

Please email proof or verification to or attach in the application below.

Determination: Non-Profit Organization Section 501(c)(3)

Important Info: Some of the proceeds from the bodybuilding shows will go towards this foundation.


Kwaku & Michael Sefah


Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

Apply Here $500

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