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As a kid in Ghana, my brothers and I didn't have much but we believed in consistently working hard because we knew God always delivers. So, I have experienced situations where I didn't have much or any and now God has given me all that I didn't have in the past. The goal now is to go out there and change lives. This mission was taken from one of my favorite tv series called Gods Son when the disciples asked Jesus Christ what is the next step while they were on a boat and Jesus told them that "We are going to change the world."

As a bodybuilder, this mission was further strengthen by 1st Phorm's mission and values as their main mission is to change lives. 

TEF’s mission is to discover, help change and empower lives in the world through fitness and bodybuilding.

TEF’s vision is to see a world where people all around the world will come together to lift for a cause and see something far greater than themselves.

Our core values are based on Integrity, selflessness, honesty, trust, truthfulness, going the extra mile, Inclusiveness, diversity, and respect.



Donations: ~$500 per year to injured veterans, feeding America, 30forthekids and other organizations that help change the world. MBO Fitness will host a lift for a cause event at Shark Sports Gym for this cause. 

30forthekids is organized by 1stPhorm and you can find more information here:

Suggestions: Suggestions and ideas about any cause you would like to help with, please email

All Proceeds goes to these cause.

Determination: Non-Profit Organization Section 501(c)(3)


Kwaku & Michael Sefah

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Help us make a difference

Thank you for your donation!

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